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May 3, 2010

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It is mind boggling how many amazing artists are on Etsy.  If you are interested in having something other than a Starry Night Van Gogh print to hang on the wall, the options are many. Just a few of my current favorites.

This is called Fear’s Uncloaking that was done in pen and ink by studiomme

I am a big fan of watercolor painting, my few attempts to paint with watercolor were pathetic indeed so I have a great respect for anyone who does it well like Paola Zakimi

While this couldn’t hang on your wall, I have always had the big love for fairy type stuff and the fairy houses created by this artist are amazing!!! The detail is incredible.

She received a World of Froud Award for her little houses which is a big deal if you are in the know in the fairy community!


The Robert Paul Watkins Experience (featuring Rob) May 2, 2010

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I attended a coffee shop art/live music show last night.  The Robert Paul Watkins Experience with art by Khammi Hurd. The artist created fantastic mixed media portraits of each of her coworkers. Her stuff is gorgeous, this one was my favorite!

My friend Chandra as Kali.

I didn’t manage to get decent pictures of any of the rest of them 😦
The music was provided by Rob. Who burst forth from this stunningly accurate picture of him and his dog…
Rob performed a few original songs as well some covers including fabulous renditions of Rumpshaker and Single Ladies. Did I mention the sparklers?

Or the personalized Robert Paul Watkins shirts??

Another shirt worn by the lovely artist!

And one more shirt just because this little lady is so adorable!

Big (free) fun!